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The world’s first all-inclusive vacation designed for physical therapists in private practice. Just arrive at the airport and leave the rest to us. Enjoy airport pick-up, hotel stay, hot meals – all taken care of for you. Gain insights from the world’s best speakers to help you get more patients, manage your time and increase revenue. Earn CEs. Expect lots of fun-filled surprises and an amazing time. After all, it’s Vegas.

During these three days, you’ll discover:

You’ll walk away with easy-to-use tips to implement the next day. You will control your practice, instead of your practice controlling you.

The event will focus on two major themes during the three days.

Theme #1- Igniting Referrals In Your Practice

Designed for private practice owners of all levels. Industry leaders share innovative, time-tested, proven approaches to help you get more new patients, increase revenue, and grow your practice.

All presentations will be fun, interactive and include powerpoint downloads and handouts for all attendees.

Theme #2- Practice Management Mastery

If you have enough patients, chances are you can still increase revenue with a few tweaks to your EMR, billing and marketing approaches. If you’ve crossed the bridge from survival to success, we’ll help you transition from success to significance.

You’ll discover the systems and the planning it takes to grow your practice further. You will maximize reimbursements with the right type of documentation and plan for the future with better financial management. You’ll also learn new ways to increase revenue, and to plug the ‘financial leaks’ in your existing revenue.

NOTE: You’ll never miss out on a session. There are no concurrent sessions You’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience, complete with handouts and powerpoints.


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CE component of the conference


At the Private Practice Retreat, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime. The speakers know what you are going through in these trying times, and what you need to get more referrals and grow your practice.We’ve analyzed the issues that concern you and contracted the best speakers to reveal exactly how you can solve these issues. You need proven, tested solutions so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We decided to give you all that and much more, with the experience of Las Vegas and the convenience of an all-inclusive package (hotel plus meals).Each speaker has prepared an original presentation to help you grow your practice. You’ll learn time management and the importance of ‘high lifetime value’ activities. You’ll learn how to transition from survival to success, and eventually, to significance in your practice. You’ll get over 100 strategies on how to get new patients. You’ll get a chance to learn money management from a NY times bestselling author. In fact, you’ll get a lot more, since we have some special surprises planned for all our attendees.

Be prepared for an experience unlike any other. It’s the Private Practice Retreat. It’s Vegas.


Considered the number one private practice marketing expert in the world (Wikipedia) and writer for several magazines like ADVANCE, PT Magazine, IMPACT and the #1 ranked blog on physical therapy marketing on Google, Nitin Chhoda has one goal – to deliver the most powerful business building tactics for your private practice. He is the author of “Marketing For Physical Therapy Clinics” and “Physical Therapy Marketing for the New Economy” (both featured on Amazon), the creator of the landmark “Referral Ignition” plug-and-play patient generation system, the “Therapy Newsletter” and “Clinical Contact” marketing systems.Combined, these products have been used by over 12,457 physical therapy private practice owners in seven countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and the European Union to get new patients, increase efficiency, save money, and boost the level of freedom and independence in their practice.


Live The Good Life. Simplify and Automate Your Practice.

If you are overwhelmed, and constantly trying to juggle patient referrals with practice management, then this session will tie everything together for you. Nitin will teach you the THREE aspects of growth – the ‘before’ patient experience, the ‘during’ patient experience and the ‘after’ patient experience.

You’ll learn how to simplify, automate and improve the patient experience from start to finish. You’ll also discover the THREE biggest mistakes made by 94% of private practice owners, and how to avoid them. Expect to walk away with an arsenal of cut and paste techniques to get new patients, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Prepare to be amazed with the quality of this presentation.


Garrett is the author of the revolutionary financial book Killing Sacred Cows, a New York Times bestseller. Killing Sacred Cows was also listed as a #1 business seller in USA Today, #1 in personal finance on Amazon, and the #2 bestselling book for all categories on Amazon. Garrett is also co-creator of the Curriculum for Wealth, a highly acclaimed symposium series designed to empower people to live beyond financial bondage and work towards their highest potential.Garrett coaches large groups of business owners, and financial service professionals nationwide. As a sought-after guest speaker, he is dedicated to helping others find their purpose and passion through lasting principles, as well as a deeper understanding of the true meaning of money and wealth..


How To Identify and (Permanently) Plug Financial Leaks In Your Practice

Most private practices are losing more money on a daily basis than they are willing to admit. That ends with Garrett’s presentation. You’ll discover how to plug those leaks forever. You’ll discover the revolutionary concept of “Vitalistic Finance”, which will help you achieve lasting wealth.

You’ll recover tens, possibly thousands of dollars of money that was lost through improper structuring and planning. You’ll learn how to safely, and legally keep more of the money you make. Finally, Garrett will reveal his top ‘money management tips’ to help you increase cash flow.


David has over 18 years of progressive healthcare finance and operations experience in a variety of healthcare settings including physical therapy private practice, physician groups, academic medical centers, community-based hospitals, billing and consulting companies. Prior to his groundbreaking work in the healthcare industry, David acquired a BS in Accounting from West Virginia University, a Juris Doctorate from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and an Executive M.B.A from Emory University in Atlanta.As the former CEO of ProEx Physical Therapy (where he helped grow the company from 2 Clinics to 11), David is the “Executive Weapon”, providing insight on finance and operations for physician groups, hospitals and community health centers.


Behind The Scenes Of a Seven-Figure Physical Therapy Clinic

If you want to grow to (or already own) multiple locations, this is one presentation you don’t want to miss. There are THREE things you need to know to build your practice. These include: How to manage your expenses, hire the right people and monitor the revenue drivers.

Dave will discuss specific drivers of your practice and how to set up measurement tools and metrics. If you are not measuring these things now, you may be leaving a lot of revenue on the table. If you are measuring them, be prepared for several “A-HA” moments as David shares the insider secrets behind the success of large conglomerates. Here’s the best part – he’ll show you how achieve the same results at a fraction of the costs incurred by large companies.


Jerry owns 5 physical therapy practices and has been a successful private practice owner for over 10 years. He has been a speaker at the annual Private Practice Section meeting, and has continued to grow his practice while others have struggled in an uncertain economy.Jerry has been an active participant of the entrepreneurs organization for four and a half years. He lives with his wife Karin and their two dogs Giada and Gemma, loves music (Beastie Boys), cycling and food. He lives in Oakland, CA.He is very active with social media, and has a powerful social media presence and fan following. Jerry strives to be a master in building relationships. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.


Survival to Success to Significance – The Roadmap of Evolution

Every practice starts with the intention to get more patients and meet costs (survival). As the practice evolves and goes past the ‘early days’, systems to streamline everything from marketing to billing and documentation become a priority (success). Once the practice gains a reputation and becomes an authority, it can expand and grow bigger (multiple clinics), substantially increase profits, recruit additional PTs, improve standards of care and make a positive impact on the community (significance).

Therefore, every private practice goes through THREE critical stages during its lifecycle. As a private practice owner, you should strive not only to identify which stage you are in, but also implement the best tactics to evolve to the next stage as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this presentation, you will learn to identify where you are and envision where you want to be with some quick, easy and inexpensive ways to transform your practice.

You’ll learn the “what” is a business and the “why” you are in business (know your core values). Discover techniques to streamline processes with technology as much as possible (systems and protocols). Create dynamic collaboration between staff and owner (from hiring to staff management). Establish the foundation for expansion and legacy (opening multiple clinics and impact on the community)


Brian Boyle received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007. Prior to that he received a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1998 from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.In 2004, Brian and a business partner opened Gaston Rehab Associates, Inc., an outpatient private practice specializing in preventative wellness, industrial/on-site Physical Therapy and Ergonomics. Brian provides services to businesses locally, regionally, and nationally through a unique and innovative program, Worksite Physical Solutions™. Brian’s expertise in ergonomic assessment, functional job analysis/job description, functional capacity evaluation, and pre-work screen design, allow him to provide cost-effective solutions to employers of all sizes – saving those companies millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs adding to their overall bottom line.Brian is on the nominating committee for the Private Practice Section of the APTA, a founding circle member of the Physical Therapy Business Alliance, and the Chair of the NCPTA Private Practice SIG.


How To Add an Additional 6-Figure Line of Revenue to Your Clinic with On-site Care Programs

15% of Fortune 500 companies have on-site care programs and this number is expected to increase. Physical therapists across the country are recognizing the importance of on-site care programs as a source of additional revenue, and as a way to better serve the community.

Although most physical therapists know about ergonomic protocols and provide this type of care as clinicians, there is no blueprint to market these services . Consistent with the Triple AIM initiative, the idea is to improve quality with measurable outcomes, improve the patients experience and reduce cost per capita. In this unique session, private practice owners will learn to market preventive services to employers in the community and discover how to approach the employer and position your services, demonstrate the value and cost-saving potential of on-site rehab programs, prepare the materials to convince the employer of the benefits of the program (improving the quality of life, work productivity and decreasing cost of healthcare), negotiate and secure the contract with the employer, improve the overall experience of the employee and reducing cost per capita through preventive services.


John is a seasoned, diverse marketing professional with 22 years experience in all aspects of healthcare marketing and private consulting. He has served the bulk of his career at University Health Care System in Augusta, Georgia and other regional institutions, including Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. A marketing “renaissance man,” John’s background includes market research, strategic planning and brand development, administration as well as success in the creative realm including publications, advertising, television production, Web development and creative conceptualization.John has had the privilege of working with some of the best strategic and creative talent in the country. The result has been a large body of award winning work including numerous local and district ADDY (advertising federation) awards, plus national society awards for marketing and Web development and promotion. He is also the CEO of Augusta-based Healing Hands Physical Therapy.


The Owner-Eliminated Private Practice

John Garrard helped skyrocket the revenue for Augusta based Healing Hands Physical Therapy. A master of information gathering, tracking data and tweaking systems, John was able to single-handedly transform the fortunes of the clinic he manages.

John has balanced his brilliant marketing insight with his implementation skills to create the most successful physical therapy private practice in Augusta, Georgia. He is adept at creating the “OH WOW” factor with patients. John plays a role in marketing, recruitment and management and will share his insight about TWO key questions: What does it take to build a practice that can sustain itself without the owner? More importantly, how do you get staff to go WAY above and beyond to guarantee the success of your clinic? The answers to these two questions will empower you with the freedom to step away from your practice, allowing it to grow without you at the helm.