Considering the fractured state of private practice and the dangerous rumblings of reimbursement cuts from Medicare, this is NOT the time for any private practice owner to be complacent or to rest on your laurels. While some time-tested referral generation methods continue to work, their effectiveness DOUBLES with the use of technology, automation and new-world strategy in the dynamically changing world of private practice.

At the 2014 Retreat, you’ll discover how to diversify your practice while your competitors who ‘know it all’ run the risk of being wiped out by savvy, evolving practices like yours. There is an unprecedented opportunity to jump to the top of the economic ladder and great fortunes will be made by those who conquer the ‘one dimensional mindset’ and build a multi-disciplinary practice that can stand on its own.

We will deliver the right information, the right game plan, done-for-you blueprint and real-world examples that are working in today’s tough economy.

Since the past six years, I have coached and mentored groups of success-minded physical therapists like yourself on ways to explode their practice by revealing my most advanced marketing techniques to attract new patients, hire staff, manage money, identify priorities and build a waiting list of patients eager to get in. We’ll allow our success stories to speak for themselves.





“A major plus in favor of Referral Ignition vs. certain competitors is the promptness of your replies, and the level of detail. Working with you is the best thing I ever did in my practice. This program has been game changing, and has helped me turn my practice around and save tens of thousands of dollars.”
Dean Tahtinen PT
“From near bankruptcy to a $2.2 million practice in less than six months. Nitin, you are a genius and have helped our practice come back from the brink, and things have never been better. Keep up the great work!”
William Linnenkohl PT


“Nitin, I thank God for people like you for sharing unselfishly of your knowledge! I am just fortunate enough to attend this weekend’s brain stimulating event! It was my pleasure and honor to meet you… Thank you very much!”
Ma Alicia Sidletskyy PT
“I’m coming away this weekend with a lot of tools that I can immediately implement when we get back to our clinic, and a lot of areas that we need to focus on and work on. This has been a wonderful asset to us this weekend.”
Carrie Jorgensen PT
“Thanks a million. You gave me a lot of insight and opened my eyes to many ideas I’m planning to implement it on my practice right away.”
Mohamed Sanad PT

“Exceptional value and money truly well spent. Thanks so much Nitin- YOU EXCEEDED my expectations!!!”
Dmitry Lang PT
“Nitin and his fellow speakers gave me a great insight in new marketing strategies both on-line and offline. I learned tons of interesting business building ideas that can be instantly implemented. Every speaker was awesome and had some unique knowledge to share. Thanks Nitin for giving me such an enriching learning experience. Keep up the good work.”
Mangesh Borkar PT
“I just want to say that it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to any clinician that owns their own practice. I have taken away so many tools that I’ll be able to use in my clinic.”
Rhonda Russ PT
“I wish I had met Nitin before I made the many marketing mistakes, which have cost me thousands of dollars. Nitin’s formula for a successful practice would work no matter what specialty services you offer. I highly recommend new owners and seasoned owners to attend one of his seminars.”
Brenda Ranagan PT
“Extremely valuable, a lot of great information, excellent ideas for new practice owners to really position yourself as an expert in your community. I can’t say enough good things about Nitin’s events.”
Tobin Forbus PT
“I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. The speakers and participants added a whole new dimension to the weekend.I have realized my vision and my TOP 3, now it’s time to go for it!”
Eileen Kurtz PT
“Phenomenal! I have been in practice for 19 years, 10 of them in private practice and there is nothing else like this out there. This has by far, the best seminar I’ve ever been to.”
Jane Nicoli PT
“Nitin puts together an awesome event filled with useful info that can benefit my practice right away. In fact, I already put 2 new ideas in motion this morning, less than 24hrs later!”
Daniel Tahany PT
“Exceeded my expectation. Highly recommend that you look into this if you’re a private practice owner who’s looking to grow your clinic. I think this is one of the best courses that you can take.”
Jerry Lopez PT
“A mind-blowing experience. If anyone considering opening up your own practice, this is the only seminar that will guide you step by step.”
Richard Serrano PT
“Awesome content. Nitin came through and provided content that exceeded the price of the event. He’s a great trainer and coach, very motivational. Well worth the money and the time.”
Mark Costas DDS
“A lot about specific strategies to market your practice and retain patients. Would recommend it for anybody. For the price that he charges for this conference, you get a lot of great information that you’ll actually be able to utilize.”
TJ Ablan PT
“The responses that I’m seeing from the physical therapists here in the meeting are incredible. This has been a very powerful meeting even for someone like me, who’s been in the industry for over 20 years.”
TJ Ablan PT
“I’ve come away from this weekend with a wealth of knowledge. My head is spinning with all the new ideas I can go in and implement into my practice tomorrow to make a change. ”
Andrew Verston
“I had an awesome weekend. It was brilliant. I’m on fire. I look forward to going back home, back to my practice tomorrow and igniting everything that I learned. This was fantastic.”
Nita Bhatt PT
“Very extraordinarily interactive. People were completely engaged, learning all the time. And it was really a value creation, content-rich event. A phenomenal place to be. ”
Garrett Gunderson
“A wide range of information about the financial side of the practice as well as what we can do to grow in the future as well as what we need to do for cash-paying services to continue to keep patients engaged with our clinic. ”
Jeremiah Jorgensen PT
“I’ve learned so much that prepared me to get ready so that when I open from day one. I learned a lot and this is definitely, money well spent and you do not want to miss this.”
Guy Romain PT
“I came to the conference this weekend for some very specific things to fill some leaks in my practice and I’ve actually gotten several things that will help close leaks in my practice and will be able to impact my bottom line very quickly. ”
Blayne Liparoto PT
“24 years of going to physical therapy conferences and this is by far, the best money I’ve ever spent in my career. It was excellent. Nitin totally overdelivers. I am just really, really, really happy that I came. And I’m coming back.”
Tammy Koch PT
“Excellent ways, excellent marketing and strategic stuff that you can take home with you and put in on Monday morning”
Siang Ting Oh PT

“I am a physical therapist and own 3 physical therapy centers. As a speaker, I got even more excited with Nitin and the people he brought together. I need to go back and do more things. Overall, Nitin can help bring our practice to the next level.. Good job Nitin!”
David Cunic PT

“I am basically sick and tired of working for someone else. I feel like attending this course is the best thing I did in my life, because I have no hesitation to step ahead and open my one clinic”
Suresh Balesekar PT

“I just attended Nitin’s event and am incredibly excited about everything I learned, so excited that I am considering hiring a new employee. ”
Khurram Khan PT

“Having been in practice for 20 years, I now know that working with Nitin will help me grow my practice in the future”
John Krupa PT

“I attended Nitin’s workshop on web based marketing – a real eye opener for me because we don’t do a lot of that in my clinic. We are still using the yellow pages.I walked away with a lot of great ideas that I can implement soon. I think he can help my practice a lot. I would recommend highly that you go to one of his seminars.”
Domenic Visocchi PT

“I was lucky to have attended Nitin’s talk and it was amazing.. he has such an amazing ability to think outside of the box and bring a different level to addressing normal business practices and applying it to physical therapy and that’s something that many people are not doing currently. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit and talk to him.. Anytime you get a chance to learn from this guy or rub elbows with him, you would be very very lucky to be able to do so.”
Lyniel Mitchell PT

“Nitin’s workshop on cash based niche programs was phenomenal, it got me hyped up. I recommended it to my general manager who had also attended one of his workshops and she was very excited about it too. I highly recommend anything that Nitin has to offer – wonderful ideas for your business.”
Brett Dalton PT

“I learnt a lot of new things from Nitin’s online/offline marketing workshop – social networking and blogs, I am looking forward to what it can do for my business, community and patients.I was very impressed with him as a speaker and what he had to offer for the clinical community.”
Peggy Brill PT

“I was so invigorated by Nitin, He took the whole fear factor out of marketing for me.He is an excellent presenter. He keeps you awake every minute and I highly highly recommend it.”
Carol Estherheist PT

“I just attended Nitin’s workshop and found it extremely helpful, very engaging, hilariously fun and I look forward to implementing the techniques he taught us. ”
Tanya Yardley CEO Rehabilitation Motion Canada

“I highly recommend Nitin’s workshop. It was very informative, gave me a lot of great ideas that I am going to take home and implement right away. You need to go ahead and get into that workshop!”
Andrew Clark PT

“Great information, Nitin and his team took care of everything… Things we can apply tomorrow!”
Karen Rafferty PT

“I got ways of bringing more revenue into my practice, and some things I can implement within a week. This will generate more revenue and help us relieve stress. This gives me hope that this is not unreachable, it’s something we can definitely achieve”
Russ Poker PT

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