“How Would You Like Access To The Unedited Video Recordings of The Country’s # 1 Seminar For Private Practice Owners, Where The Nation’s TOP Revenue Generating Private Practice Owners Spilled Their Guts On How To Increase Physician Referrals, Add New Patients and Grow Your Practice TEN FOLD, Allowing You To Assume a Management Role and Step Away From Your Clinic, With More Free Time For Family and Friends?”

The 2012 Private Practice Retreat Transformed The Lives of All Attendees With Business Systems That Bring In New Patients, Reactivate Former Patients and Increase Physician Referrals


Physical Therapists and Private Practice Owners alike have never seen an event quite like this! From superstar speakers shedding everything they know,to cutting edge info from our superstars in the audience. This event features the ELITE group of private practice owners and PTs on the planet! Now you can instantly access the entire event, in the comfort of your own home TODAY!

In these two days of videos from PPR, you’ll discover:

You’ll walk away with easy-to-use tips which you can begin implementing as soon as tomorrow. You will control your practice, instead of your practice controlling you.

The event focused on two major themes during the course of the entire weekend.

Theme #1- Igniting Referrals In Your Practice

Designed for private practice owners of all levels. Industry leaders share innovative, time-tested, proven approaches to help you get more new patients, increase revenue, and grow your practice.

All the presentations are filled with useable content, and you’ll also have powerpoint downloads and handouts you can access instantly.

If you have enough patients, we’ll teach you how to make BIG changes with small, but high leverage strategies to boost revenue with a few simple tweaks to your business philosophy, practice systems and staff management style. If you’ve crossed the bridge from survival to success, we’ll make sure you transition from success to significance.

You’ll discover the systems and the planning it takes to grow your practice further. You will maximize reimbursements with the right type of documentation and plan for the future with better financial management. You’ll also learn new ways to increase revenue, and to plug the ‘financial leaks’ in your existing revenue.

NOTE: Every session was recorded, so it will feel as if you were actually there!. You’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience, complete with handouts and powerpoints.

In the Private Practice Retreat videos, you’ll gain the knowledge and wisdom that many don’t get access to over the course of their lifetime. The speakers know what you are going through in these trying times, and know EXACTLY what you need to get more referrals and grow your practice.

We’ve analyzed the issues that concern you and contracted the best speakers to reveal exactly how you can solve these issues. You need proven, tested solutions so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Each speaker has prepared an original presentation to help you grow your practice. You’ll learn time management and the importance of ‘high lifetime value’ activities. You’ll learn how to transition from survival to success, and eventually, to significance in your practice. You’ll get over 100 strategies on how to get new patients. You’ll get a chance to learn money management from a NY times bestselling author.

Be prepared for an experience unlike any other. It’s the Private Practice Retreat. The event that will change practice owners lives, for good!

Considered the number one private practice marketing expert in the world (Wikipedia) and writer for several magazines like ADVANCE, PT Magazine, IMPACT and the #1 ranked blog on physical therapy marketing on Google, Nitin Chhoda has one goal – to deliver the most powerful business building tactics for your private practice. He is the author of “Marketing For Physical Therapy Clinics” and “Physical Therapy Marketing for the New Economy” (both featured on Amazon), the creator of the landmark “Referral Ignition” plug-and-play patient generation system, the “Therapy Newsletter” and “Clinical Contact” marketing systems.

Combined, these products have been used by over 12,457 physical therapy private practice owners in seven countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and the European Union to get new patients, increase efficiency, save money, and boost the level of freedom and independence in their practice.

Live The Good Life. Simplify and Automate Your Practice.

  • If you are overwhelmed, and constantly trying to juggle patient referrals with practice management, then this session will tie everything together for you
  • Nitin will teach you the THREE aspects of growth – the ‘before’ patient experience, the ‘during’ patient experience and the ‘after’ patient experience
  • You’ll learn how to simplify, automate and improve the patient experience from start to finish
  • You’ll also discover the THREE biggest mistakes made by 94% of private practice owners, and how to avoid them
  • Expect to walk away with an arsenal of cut and paste techniques to get new patients, the likes of which you’ve never seen before
  • Prepare to be amazed with the quality of this presentation

Garrett is the author of the revolutionary financial book Killing Sacred Cows, a New York Times bestseller. Killing Sacred Cows was also listed as a #1 business seller in USA Today, #1 in personal finance on Amazon, and the #2 bestselling book for all categories on Amazon. Garrett is also co-creator of the Curriculum for Wealth, a highly acclaimed symposium series designed to empower people to live beyond financial bondage and work towards their highest potential.

Garrett coaches large groups of business owners, and financial service professionals nationwide. As a sought-after guest speaker, he is dedicated to helping others find their purpose and passion through lasting principles, as well as a deeper understanding of the true meaning of money and wealth..

How To Identify and (Permanently) Plug Financial Leaks In Your Practice

  • Most private practices are losing more money on a daily basis than they are willing to admit. That ends with Garrett’s presentation
  • You’ll discover how to plug those leaks forever
  • You’ll discover the revolutionary concept of “Vitalistic Finance”, which will help you achieve lasting wealth
  • You’ll recover tens, possibly thousands of dollars of money that was lost through improper structuring and planning
  • You’ll learn how to safely, and legally keep more of the money you make
  • Finally, Garrett will reveal his top ‘money management tips’ to help you increase cash flow

Jerry owns 5 physical therapy practices and has been a successful private practice owner for over 10 years. He has been a speaker at the annual Private Practice Section meeting, and has continued to grow his practice while others have struggled in an uncertain economy.

Jerry has been an active participant of the entrepreneurs organization for four and a half years. He lives with his wife Karin and their two dogs Giada and Gemma, loves music (Beastie Boys), cycling and food. He lives in Oakland, CA.

He is very active with social media, and has a powerful social media presence and fan following. Jerry strives to be a master in building relationships. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

Survival to Success to Significance – Practice Evolution

  • Every practice starts with the intention to get more patients and meet costs (survival). As the practice evolves and goes past the ‘early days’, systems to streamline everything from marketing to billing and documentation become a priority (success)
  • Once the practice gains a reputation and becomes an authority, it can expand and grow bigger (multiple clinics), substantially increase profits, recruit additional PTs, improve standards of care and make a positive impact on the community (significance)
  • The key to all these levels is Relationships! Whether growing a provider base or recruiting staff for growth,relationships play a key role
  • Every private practice goes through THREE critical stages during its lifecycle. As a private practice owner, you should strive not only to identify which stage you are in, but also implement the best tactics to evolve to the next stage as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • You’ll learn the “what” is a business and the “why” you are in business (know your core values)
  • Discover techniques to build relationships with providers to grow the practice to significance level
  • You will learn to streamline this processes with technology as much as possible (systems and protocols)
  • Establish the foundation for expansion and legacy (opening multiple clinics and impact on the community)

In 2004, Brian and his business partner opened Gaston Rehab Associates, Inc., an outpatient private practice specializing in preventative wellness, industrial/on-site physical therapy and ergonomics. After his practice skyrocketed with a combination of innovative on-site rehab programs, strategic alliances and marketing to decision makers, Brian decided to perfect the art of marketing on-site rehab programs. His company has a waiting list of businesses locally, regionally, and nationally for a unique and innovative program, Worksite Physical Solutions™. Brian’s expertise in ergonomic assessment, functional job analysis/job description, functional capacity evaluation, and pre-work screen design, allow him to provide powerful, cost-effective solutions to employers of all sizes – saving those companies millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs adding to their overall bottom line.

Brian is on the nominating committee for the Private Practice Section of the APTA, a founding circle member of the Physical Therapy Business Alliance, and the Chair of the NCPTA Private Practice SIG.

How To Add an Additional 6-Figure Line of Revenue to Your Clinic with On-site Care Programs

  • 15% of Fortune 500 companies have on-site care programs and this number is expected to increase
  • Physical therapists across the country are recognizing the importance of on-site care programs as a source of additional revenue, and as a way to better serve the community
  • Although most physical therapists know about ergonomic protocols and provide this type of care as clinicians, there is no blueprint to market these services . Consistent with the Triple AIM initiative, the idea is to improve quality with measurable outcomes, improve the patients experience and reduce cost per capita.
  • In this unique session, private practice owners will learn to market preventive services to employers in the community and discover how to approach the employer and position your services, demonstrate the value and cost-saving potential of on-site rehab programs, prepare the materials to convince the employer of the benefits of the program (improving the quality of life, work productivity and decreasing cost of healthcare), negotiate and secure the contract with the employer, improve the overall experience of the employee and reducing cost per capita through preventive services

John is a seasoned, diverse marketing professional with 22 years experience in all aspects of healthcare marketing and private consulting. He has served the bulk of his career at University Health Care System in Augusta, Georgia and other regional institutions, including Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. A marketing “renaissance man,” John’s background includes market research, strategic planning and brand development, administration as well as success in the creative realm including publications, advertising, television production, Web development and creative conceptualization.

John has had the privilege of working with some of the best strategic and creative talent in the country. The result has been a large body of award winning work including numerous local and district ADDY (advertising federation) awards, plus national society awards for marketing and Web development and promotion. He is also the CEO of Augusta-based Healing Hands Physical Therapy.

The Owner-Eliminated Private Practice

  • John Garrard helped skyrocket the revenue for Augusta based Healing Hands Physical Therapy
  • A master of information gathering, tracking data and tweaking systems, John was able to single-handedly engineer the transformation of Healing Hands from a struggling, disorganized clinic to a powerhouse in the community with over 500 patient visits a week, hundreds of referral sources and offers for expansion to multiple locations
  • As the “Einstein” of private practice marketing, John has balanced his brilliant marketing insight with rapid implementation skills to create the most successful physical therapy private practice in Augusta, Georgia
  • He is adept at creating the “OH WOW” factor with patients with amazing techniques to involve staff in the retention and compliance process
  • John plays a role in marketing, recruitment and management of Healing Hands and will share his insight about TWO key questions: What does it take to build a practice that can sustain itself without the owner? More importantly, how do you get staff to go WAY above and beyond to guarantee the success of your clinic? The answers to these two questions will empower you with the freedom to step away from your practice, allowing it to grow without you at the helm
  • You’ll be able to ‘eliminate’ yourself from your private practice

“The conference was phenomenal! It was well organized with lots of fresh, out of the box ideas and pragmatic solutions. It was back to back with outstanding speakers. If the end justifies the means, I left your event renewed, refreshed, and anxious to get on track with my company growth objectives, using my newly won IPAD to stay connected with prospects and patients. Overall, it was brilliant, techy, and refreshing.”
Ibrahima Diallo PT
“Nitin, I thank God for people like you for sharing unselfishly of your knowledge! I am just fortunate enough to attend this weekend’s brain stimulating event! I have spoken so highly of you and the other speakers to my husband and to all my colleagues! I cannot wait to implement all that I have learned! I am planning to open up my own place before the next seminar you will have again in Rutherford! I will definitely sign up again (that’s on Oct, right?!) and will be bringing some of my PT friends along too! I hopefully would like to be part of the mastermind group by then! 🙂 It was my pleasure and honor to meet you… I was the quiet one but actively busy absorbing all information!!! Thank you very much!!!”
Ma Alicia Sidletskyy PT
“I really enjoyed the event this past weekend. I got a lot out of it and plan to implement it as I start my practice. It was nice to meet you. I plan to see you again in the future. I agree 100% with you on resuming the reading habit.”
Travis Lombardi PT
“Thank you for these 2 fabulous days which I enjoyed them so much, I couldn’t imagine that there will be that many successful therapists under one roof sharing their experience and show you the right way to reach your goals. Thanks a million. And I appreciate if you can carry these thanks to everybody we met at this event. I enjoyed every bit of it. It gave me a lot of experience and opened my eyes to many ideas I’m planning to implement it on my practice right away.”
Mohamed Sanad PT
“Thanks for an outstanding conference. It is obvious the amount of time and preparation that it took to produce such a wonderful program. I so appreciate all that you and your business does!”
Jan W. Braunstein, PT, CFE, CWCP
“I enjoyed the course to the fullest. You did a great job as a speaker. You truly deserve this testimonial. Nitin’s Private practice formula is an informative event not only for physical therapists who own their practices but also for a physical therapist like me who dreams of owning their practice in the near future. Nitin and his fellow speakers gave me a great insight in new marketing strategies both on-line and offline. I learned tons of interesting business building ideas that can be instantly implemented. Every speaker was awesome and had some unique knowledge to share. Thanks Nitin for giving me such an enriching learning experience. Keep up the good work guys.”
Mangesh Borkar PT
“Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is very knowledgeable and charismatic. I attended the conference in Rutherford NJ last weekend at the Marriott. I traveled a 10 hour drive from NC. It was worth the trip! The 2 days were packed with useful information and was inspiring! I opened my mind to new prospects. To be around successful like minded people was extremely encouraging to me. I wish I had met Nitin before I made the many marketing mistakes which have cost me thousands of dollars. Nitin’s formula for a successful practice would work no matter what specialty services you offer. I highly recommend new owners and seasoned owners to attend one of his seminars.”
Brenda Ranagan PT, DPT

“I attended Nitin’s Private Practice Formula conference this past weekend. Being a Physical Therapist for over 25 years, it’s hard to find a quality program in which you can directly take the information and start applying it. I enjoyed all of the speakers and the “out of the box mentality”. It was refreshing to meet and talk to other private practice owners and share experiences and ideas on that level. I would highly recommend this program for young private practice owners as well as experienced owners.”
Michael DeChello MS, PT
“I have utilized Nitin’s knowledge regarding all aspects of our business. I can say that if you are willing to put in the time and listen to his plan, you will have success. I have received personal phone calls regarding all aspects of our business, which exceeded my expectations… he is committed to your success. I have learned the hard way to stop swimming up stream and delegate tasks. If you want results, you need to stop paying $20,000 or more for services that can be and should be under your control. The ROI for his programs for our clinic has been off the charts!! I would not want the competition to have this plan, but Nitin is improving the business side of our profession which I commend. Thanks!”
Jeremiah Jorgensen PT, PTLincoln
“Honestly – in only implementing small amounts of your Referral Ignition concepts – my practice has expanded and thrived. Month over month, since starting Referral Ignition, I have remained busy – almost to the point of busting at the seams. All without any holiday slowdown at the end of 2010. In fact, despite a slow beginning to 2010, with the implementation of your Referral Ignition concepts, I had not only the highest revenues I have seen in the past two years, but the highest revenues my practice has ever seen. Along with this, my January has been better than any the clinic has ever seen. Thanks to you and Referral Ignition, my practice is thriving and expanding.”
Christopher Arrigo PT, Advanced Rehabilitation
“You openly shared your scars, triumphs, and secrets from your journey. It was obvious that you and your successful colleagues are collaborating to spread the wealth and grow a stronger profession. I left energized with many practical ideas that I can implement without overwhelming myself or my staff. Let’s help more people with P.T. and earn the rewards of great service.”
Brian Cox DC PT
“Your course really helped me think outside of the box and come up with creative ideas to attract potential clients. It was great to hear the “real story” behind each speaker. It is nice to know that “regular guys” like me can launch a clinic and be successful. Thanks, Nitin!.”
Alyssa Hellebusch
“How Nitin managed to organize such a high-end program at such an affordable price is a mystery. By the end of the program, I had so many methods, great ideas, new business opportunities and friends it felt like I had taken advantage of Nitin. Whether you own your own practice, dream to own a practice someday or just want to offer your patients an improved experience, he has information you need. If you have the opportunity to get one of Nitin’s products, do not hesitate. You will only regret not signing up.”
Andrea Jameson PT

Here are Just Some of The Elite Private Practice Owners Who Attended The 2012 Private Practice Retreat. Over 80% Of The Attendees Provided Testimonials About The Quality of the Content and Strategies at the Event, as Shown Below…

The Practice Summit this weekend by far met the expectations that I had. Nitin, collectively with his guest speakers, were downright pragmatic, inspirational, and comical. I left this with three salient themes drilled into my head:1. Engage in high level activity. Don’t make the attempt to wear multiple hats.2. Be systematic. There’s a distinct difference from being strategical versus tactical.

3. Adapt to the medical paradigm shift that’s happening before our eyes. We must rely not so heavily on insurance, and incorporate publicly sought out programs that are cash based. I intend to attend next year and would be willing to endorse Practice Summit to anyone who has the slightest inclination to transform their company – their life.

The Practice Summit this weekend by far exceeded the expectations that I had.
Dr. Ivan Hernandez PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, Director, Executive Park Physical Therapy, New York

Hi Nitin You did it again! The Private Practice Retreat exceeded my expectations. As a prior attendee and Master Mind member I’ve had the benefit of learning an abundance of fantastic information from you already. Like reading a classic book, I knew I would gain additional insight re-attending a seminar of such a high caliber. What I did not fully expect was all of the improvements and new/updated information.How you improved something that was already so awesome is an inspiration and a lesson. Regardless of how great you may think your practice is there is always room for improvement. Always review what you have built to see how you can tweak it. In our ever-changing world, Even the most successful of systems should be reevaluated and assessed for areas that can be improved. Better than knowing even the best of the best can be improved, I have the resources to make it happen! A relatively short time ago I did not have the skill set necessary, I do now.If I fail to implement the processes to improve my practice I cannot expect to attain/maintain the practice I strive to build. Best of all I do not have to do it all myself. Resources, templates, outlines, forms are also provided. Opportunities throughout the weekend existed to begin relationships with like-minded therapists from all over the country and Canada. I left with a new group of colleagues, friends and contacts. Through the giving hand philosophy you promote I shared and received some great resources —so refreshing not to be in a strangling competitive environment prevalent in these difficult times.

I brought a colleague who owns a private practice in a neighboring town, she was blown away. Initially some attendees thought it strange I would share with a competitor. It was not long before they realized it is not the private practice down the road we need to work against but with. Strengthening our profession is a win/win situation. I have and will continue to tell all therapists to attend a seminar with Nitin Chhoda whether or not they have a private practice. Information learned will make you a more valuable employee.

Increase your understanding in why your employer may be making the decisions they make. Understanding the business side of a private practice may aid you to facilitate positive changes, to improve your work environment and negotiate benefits package. Thank you to the entire staff of PP Summit for making the weekend even better by addressing all of our needs. The raffles, prizes, meals and cocktail party were all fun bonuses. Sincerely,
Karen A.Rafferty PT, Village Physical Therapy & Wellness, PC, New York

Nitin, I shared a video testimonial, but will send a written one as well. Here goes…Just when you begin to think you are getting this “out of the box thinking thing”, I’d like to invite you to meet Nitin… I just had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 jam packed days with Nitin and his stellar team at the Private Practice Retreat.I’ve been watching/reading his stuff for 2 years now and decided to take the plunge and be an active participant in his conference. One word best describes this life altering experience, “AMAZING…” The tools, contacts and material that I left with will completely transform how I run my successful PT practice. I feel blessed to have had this truly wonderful experience and look forward to many years of continued growth and development with Nitin and his team.
Elizabeth Pearl PT, President/Owner, Pearl Physical Therapy, New York
Hello Nitin, Here is my some cents worth testimonial: I am very grateful to you for organizing “Private Practice Retreat 2012″. I am an owner of Outpatient Rehabilitation Agency and a Home Health Agency. I have spent many years learning and implementing different models of running a successful business including their administrative and marketing aspects.”Private Practice Retreat 2012″ event was an eye opener for me. In past, I have not met a rehabilitation professional so willing to help other rehabilitation professionals succeed. Your efforts were sincere and outpouring with NO NONSENSE strategies related to marketing and running a successful physical therapy practice. Expert panel presented during the summit was very knowledgeable and willing to share their experience. As for me, I was able to meet my peers from all over the United States and share our business and marketing cultures.I was delighted to observe that no one was holding anything back and was eager to share their experience and help others find solutions. Finally, I would like to commend you for your expertise and coming up with marketing strategies for physical therapists in a concrete effective package, which if implemented correctly, can help me and other attendees to see our practice grow exponentially. Thank you for offering me such a great experience. I look forward to next year event.
Surinder Singh PT, CEO, Michigan Rehab Services, Americare Home Health Services
Hi Nitin, Thanks for hosting a great weekend of inspiring speakers with a ton of great information. I am a new practice owner and for the past year I have felt lost and intimidated by the competition. I was doing everything wrong, trying one marketing strategy after another.After attending your Private Practice Retreat I finally feel like I can take control over my referrals. You covered everything and didn’t hold back. Also, you hosted a first class event and didn’t spare a penny. This course was a steal. Thanks again.
Sam Putrino PT, DPT, Total Orthopedics, Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, Las Vegas
Nitin, My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed the course material you and your staff prepared for this weekend. It was extremely helpful for us to have the opportunity to learn about the tactics of successful marketing for private physical therapy practice. It was awesome to see you conduct the seminar and I’m excited to now include you in our networking circle. Thank you.
Greg Zaccone PT, Spectrum Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, Las Vegas
The Private Practice Retreat accomplished exactly what I had hoped it would. It has re-energized me to move my physical therapy practice forward in a positive direction.It has helped me to understand both the strengths and the weaknesses of my practice and what I can and should do to correct those weaknesses. There are so many ideas that were presented that I plan on implementing as soon as possible. Thanks to Nitin and all his presenters for giving hope that I can really work on my business and not in my business moving forward. Thanks a lot.
Khurram Khan PT, Crescent Physical Therapy P.C., New York
Hi Nitin, I really want to thank you for putting together the Summit! I came into the weekend with very low expectations and left with more valuable information than I can handle! I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. Not only were the speakers great but the other participants were so open and willing to share that it added another whole dimension to the weekend.I have realized my vision and my TOP 3, now it’s time to go for it! I will definitely be back next year and hope to begin Referral Ignition, Therapy Newsletter, and become a member of the Masterminds in the near future. (I almost don’t want too many people knowing how valuable this Summit was, I want to keep it all to ourselves!)
Eileen Kurtz PT, Children’s Therapy Source/Somerset Family PT, Las Vegas

After looking at Nitins’ mug on emails for like 2 years, I finally got off my butt, took action and attended the Private Practice Seminar 2011. Best idea I had all year. Pretty much every concept that Nitin shared was Marketing GOLD!!! The 35 templates for generating new patients were worth the entire seminar cost alone. Mind you, this was just ONE of the many modules presented.There were raffles and prizes, a Tasty HOT lunch both days. And, every speaker that got on stage was simply inspired!! A free functional assessment seminar on Friday was just icing(free CEUs, people). Right now, I’m just wrapping my mind around the wealth of information presented, dare I say it was too much 🙂 No, I dare not. However I can truly say that it was an exceptional value and money truly well spent. Thanks so much Nitin- YOU EXCEEDED my expectations!!!
Dr. Dmitry Lang PT, New York
The Private Practice Retreat 2012 was absolutely phenomenal! I have been in practice for 19 years, 10 of them in private practice and there is nothing else like this out there. There were no ‘vague’ ideas of what you need to do with no mention of how to implement, everything was specific, and detailed…nothing was held back by any of the presenters. You could feel the ‘buzz’ in the room. It will be difficult only to pick the top 3 things to get started on. If you own a private practice or are thinking of becoming an owner, this is a ‘must go to’ seminar!
Jane Nicoli PT, Lakeside Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, West Virginia
OK. I have a problem with the Nitin’s summit. There was way too much information. I have some much to work with, so many new ideas I do not know where to begin.I know that when I implement any of the techniques and ideas that I received this weekend, it will have a huge impact on my practice and my bottom line. It was by far the best marketing conference I have ever been to, and I have been to many. Thanks again Nitin.
Dean Tahtinen PT, First Choice Physical Therapy Michigan
Nitin, Thanks so much for putting together the Private Practice Retreat. It was so informative and inspiring. It was great to meet and talk with others that are looking to bring their practices to the next level. I’ll see you at the next one!
Bob Fleming PT, Fleming Physical Therapy Consultants PC, New York
Hi Nitin, It was a great seminar, learned and earned more than I expected. Before, I thought my workplace was the worst but after listening from all staffing and marketing trouble shooting tools from the speaker and from the delegates, I realized that most people were having same problems and everybody were doing the same mistakes. But NOT anymore..!!Now I know what I have to do and how to single out in my local community, how to bring new patients in and most importantly, how to make life easier and spending more time with friends and family. I see you next year.
Manan Shah PT, New York
Nitin puts together an awesome event filled with useful info that can benefit my practice right away. In fact, I already put 2 new ideas in motion this morning, less than 24hrs later!
Daniel P.Tahany PT, CSCS, Director, City Physical Therapy, PC ,New York
The seminar was a mind blowing experience. If anyone considering opening up your own practice, this is the only seminar that will guide you step by step.
Richard Serrano PT, Rockland Recovery Physical Therapy, PLLC, New York
Hi Nitin, I loved the conference. So much excellent information and so useful. I look forward to using it. The conference was well designed, loved all the speakers you chose. Very inspirational.
Shelley Alper PT, Montreal, Canada

“You deliver a blue chip marketing program. Your scripts and techniques have completely transformed my practice. I remember the day I used the patient reactivation campaign you gave me and got 9 new patients a week later. I used the giving hand principle and was astonished to get a call back from 3 doctors. Jump on board his program if you get the chance. Nitin, you saved my business. Thank you!”
Rey H, PT, Reyna Physical Therapy

“I am a physical therapist and own 3 physical therapy centers. As a speaker, I got even more excited with Nitin and the people he brought together. I need to go back and do more things. Overall, Nitin can help bring our practice to the next level. Good job Nitin!”
David Cunic PT, DMC Rehab

“I am basically sick and tired of working for someone else. I feel like attending this course is the best thing I did in my life, because I have no hesitation to step ahead and open my own clinic”
Suresh Babu PT, MS, DPT

“I just attended Nitin’s event and am incredibly excited about everything I learned, so excited that I am considering hiring a new employee. ”
Khurram Khan PT

“Having been in practice for 20 years, I now know that working with Nitin will help me grow my practice in the future”
John Krupa PT

“I attended Nitin’s workshop on web based marketing – a real eye opener for me because we don’t do a lot of that in my clinic. We are still using the yellow pages. I walked away with a lot of great ideas that I can implement soon. I think he can help my practice a lot. I would recommend highly that you go to one of his seminars.”
Domenic Visocchi PT, Precision Physical Therapy

“I was lucky to have attended Nitin’s talk and it was amazing… he has such an amazing ability to think outside of the box and bring a different level to addressing normal business practices and applying it to physical therapy and that’s something that many people are not doing currently. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit and talk to him. Anytime you get a chance to learn from this guy or rub elbows with him, you would be very very lucky to be able to do so.”
Linial Michelle PT, Hurtel and Brown Physical Therapy

“Nitin’s workshop on cash-based niche programs was phenomenal, it got me hyped up. I recommended it to my general manager who had also attended one of his workshops and she was very excited about it too. I highly recommend anything that Nitin has to offer – wonderful ideas for your business.
Brett Dalton PT, Maryville, Tennessee

“I learnt a lot of new things from Nitin’s online/offline marketing workshop – social networking and blogs. I am looking forward to what it can do for my business, community, and patients. I was very impressed with him as a speaker and what he had to offer for the clinical community.
Peggy Brill PT, OCS Brill Physical Therapy

“I was so invigorated by Nitin, He took the whole fear factor out of marketing for me. He is an excellent presenter. He keeps you awake every minute and I highly, highly recommend it.”
Carol Estherheist, PT

“My name is Tanya Yardley and I am CEO of Rehabilitation motion here in Canada. I just attended Nitin’s workshop and found it extremely helpful, very engaging, hilariously fun, and I look forward to implementing the techniques he taught us. ”
Tanya Yardley CEO Rehabilitation Motion, Canada

“Hi, my name is Andrew Clark from SportsPro Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Nitin’s workshop. It was very informative, gave me a lot of great ideas that I am going to take home and implement right away. You need to go ahead and get into that workshop!Andrew Clark, PT SportsPro Physical Therapy

“Great information, Nitin and his team took care of everything… Things we can apply tomorrow!”
Karen Rafferty, Village Physical Therapy

“I got ways of bringing more revenue into my practice and some things I can implement within a week. This will generate more revenue and help us relieve stress. This gives me hope that this is not unreachable, it’s something we can definitely achieve”
Russ Poker, Fit For Life Physical Therapy

When you purchase access to the digital recordings, you will also get the following FREE BONUSES valued at $593.00


I want to make sure you can make notes home with every piece of valuable information from this jam-packed weekend, so I will make the entire attendee handbook available for you to download digitally.


Listen to the audio recordings from ALL the speakers on your Ipod or MP3 player. You’ll be able to listen to this gamechanging content while you are at the gym or in your car (just burn the audio tracks to your CD player)


It’s as if you were at the event – access all the speaker powerpoints, so you can follow along as you watch the videos. You’ll be able to make notes in the handbook and follow along with the powerpoints as you watch the videos. This is the next best thing to being present at the actual event.







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How much would you expect to pay to have these six and seven figure-producing physical therapists and private practice building experts reveal how to take your practice to the next level? How much would you pay for a course where a single insight could change the fortunes of your private practice,?

Most events like these are conferences with hundreds of people and hundreds of vendors with few, if any take home nuggets and ZERO access to the experts. This event will NOT be packed with people. It is only open to 100 attendees – in fact, it will be like a small, private workshop that will transform your practice.

Would you pay $1,997 for the recordings of an event like this?

How about half? Would you pay $997?

…but you won’t pay $1,997 for the recordings. You won’t even pay $597.

In fact, I want to make sure that EVERY private practice owner who wants access to this business-boosting event can get access. So I’ve set the fee for the digital recordings at only 2 payments of $197, that’s less than HALF the income you will get from ONE new patient.

I want you to be as confident and comfortable about this decision as possible. Just in case you’re a little skeptical, I want you to know that you are protected by my Iron Clad, “No Fine Print “- 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m determined to never have an unhappy attendee so I’m backing it up with this incredible guarantee.

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I want you to understand that I have already done 95% of the work for you. I’ve gathered the best, brightest and most profitable minds in private practice for this event.

I have convinced them to share ALL their strategies with you.

The Recordings of the 2012 Private Practice Retreat will breathe new life into your practice, completely energize you and your marketing efforts, give you a step by step plan to achieve a lifestyle of freedom and independence, and open up new possibilities for you with insights from fellow success-minded private practice owners.

You need to get the recordings of this three-day event if you want to get more patients, hire new staff, grow your income, and live a life of freedom and independence.

The concepts and implementation techniques at past events have changed lives and resulted in financial and lifestyle breakthroughs for every attendee.

Now it’s your turn, and I look forward to transforming your practice and taking it to a whole new level.

I’ll overdeliver with the recordings of this program, and you can take that to the bank.

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Nitin Chhoda

P.S. Unless you’re in self-sabotage mode or you’ve simply given up on making your financial goals come true and taking your practice to new heights, you have no excuse not to get the recordings of the 2012 Private Practice Retreat.

Thank you for reading. God bless and I hope you find what you are looking for in your private practice.